Underreported Soft Tissue Damage from Car Accidents

It’s not surprising that one of the most common car accident injuries is whiplash.

Whiplash and other forms of soft tissue injuries happen in almost every car accident even at low speeds and even when there is no damage to the vehicles.

Unfortunately, the culture created by car insurance providers is that whiplash is only claimed by people attempting to fraudulently file for compensation.

underreported whiplash injuries

Additionally, other soft tissue injuries run into issues such as not having visual testing diagnostic methods to confirm the presence of the injury.

With your medical team and a skilled Rogers car accident lawyer, you can fight to include these painful and often debilitating injuries.

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Whiplash Shame

Because of the surrounding narrative whiplash, many people feel that if they reported, it’s as though they are acknowledging that they’re trying to increase their compensation for the crash.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Whiplash will often require treatment, and whiplash could keep you out of work for some time period.

There are true economic damages that come from whiplash injuries.

Overcoming whiplash shame is pretty direct.

Seek medical attention.

If you cannot seek medical attention at an emergency service or through an urgent care office, then ensure that you get into a doctor’s appointment soon when you do explain to your doctor that you’ve been in an accident.

The benefit of seeing your doctor over someone in an emergency room or urgent care office is that you have a professional who’s not working from crisis to crisis.

Many doctors will brush off whiplash because it pales in comparison to the person having a heart attack in the waiting room, or the kid who’s been sick for two and a half weeks.

Delayed Pain and Not Going to the Doctor

There is a common bit of mistruth circling about soft tissue damage.

Many people believe that soft tissue damage, especially whiplash, won’t appear for days after the injury.

That’s not necessarily true.

You can have whiplash pain and soft tissue pain at the crash scene while you’re still exchanging information with the other driver.

But because of shock and adrenaline, it’s likely that the dull ache in your shoulders is the least of your worries.

Difficulty in Reporting and Detecting Soft-Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries include sprains, stress injuries, strains, bruises, and Bursitis.

But soft tissue injuries are really common among athletes and in car accidents.

But there are many times that people simply don’t report having a soft tissue injury even when they suspect that there’s something wrong.

Many people walk away from a car accident, knowing that they have neck and shoulder pain levels only get worse over the following days, and still, they don’t seek medical attention.

Or, the worst scenario is a patient who did seek medical attention, and the doctor informed them that there was nothing they could do.

False Belief of Injuries “Healing on their Own”

If you’ve experienced pain or stiffness or tingling, then You might be able to recognize on your own that you have soft tissue damage.

You might also discover with a bit of online research that if you go to a medical professional, they’ll just tell you to stay home and rest.

Not every soft tissue damage can heal on its own, and there are serious dangers that can come with untreated whiplash, including chronic pain syndrome.

Just to make sure, always go to a medical professional to see if there’s anything that can be done about your soft tissue injury.

Additionally, if they do tell you that you need to stay home and rest, then you know that you have a medical professional suggesting rest is the only solution.

NWA Has a Team of Experienced Arkansas Car Accident Lawyers

At Keith Law Group, we focus on helping the victims of all variety of car accidents get support for all of their injuries.

Soft tissue injuries often go under-reported, and even when they do get reported, car insurance companies like to push them off as false claims.

Soft tissue injuries are very common, and that shouldn’t undervalue the pain that these victims experience.

Get support with your car accident claim and any questions relating to what type of damage is and what type of injuries you can claim for the car wreck, reach out right away.

Don’t contribute to the high volume of people who simply don’t report soft tissue injuries or accept a settlement check that won’t cover your medical damages because of things like whiplash shame or the lack of visual testing confirmation for soft tissue injuries.

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