Motorcycle Accidents in the Summer

There’s a reason why all the best motorcycle runs happen through the spring season.

The Laughlin bike run, one of the most popular happens in April but it goes through some of the most extreme areas of the Southwest.

Motorcycle accidents in the summer often come with more severe injuries, and higher fatality rates because riders aren’t wearing all of their protective equipment.

motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle riders know exactly how important it is to wear a helmet, protective jacket, pants, boots, and gloves.

But, not everyone does it.

In fact, as recently as 2014, only about 70% of motorcycle riders regularly wore helmets.

There are so many states that don’t have helmet laws and many more states that don’t require further protective equipment for riders.

So what often happens, is even the diligent motorcycle riders who will wear full protective gear through fall, winter, and spring, choose to go without it in the summer.

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Too Hot to Wear, Too Hot to Ride

Riding in extreme heat or hot weather isn’t just a pain; it’s a health risk.

What happens is that you could subject yourself to dehydration, but that’s not the primary concern.

Many motorcycle riders choose to go without some equipment that could protect them from severe injury or even death when the weather is hot.

The general consensus for major motorcycle manufacturers, including Harley-Davidson, Yamaha, and Suzuki, all offer that if it’s too hot to wear the proper equipment, then it is too hot to ride.

There are, however, tips and tricks to help people stay on their bike even when the weather is hot.

Writers can wear a Camelbak.

A Camelbak provides water or other fluids with easy access.

Keep in mind that having a water bottle or a Camelbak is only effective if you’re drinking water.

Drinking coffee, some fruit juices, alcohol, and nearly anything besides water simply won’t provide the hydration levels necessary to replenish what you lose in sweat.

Additionally, if you really enjoy riding and know it gets hot in your area, invest in a jacket made for hot weather.

These jackets and do not always provide the same level of protection that heavy winter weather jackets will, but they provide some protection.

Top Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Head injuries and road rash are among the two most common injuries involved in motorcycle accidents.

Helmets can help drastically reduce or eliminate head injuries in some accident.

At the same time, pants and jackets come into place to reduce the risk of road rash.

Road rash in a motorcycle accident is unlike any other form of road rash you may have seen before.

This is not a simple scrape or abrasion, that needs a little bit of Neosporin, and clean does.

Road rash from motorcycle accident injuries can deteriorate muscle tissue, and leave people disabled because of the damage done to the limb or torso.

Assessing Your Injuries

After a motorcycle injury, you will definitely need to evaluate the options for recovery.

No doubt, your team of medical professionals will be working to assess your injuries and make recommendations for your recovery.

That may involve surgeries, amputations, skin grafts, reconstructive surgery, and weeks or months of rehabilitation.

But your physical injuries aren’t the only damages you’ll have to worry about.

You’ll need to assess your injuries and the financial damage associated with those injuries.

If the crash wasn’t your fault, you might assume that everything is covered.

That’s not always the case, especially motorcycle riders, these challenges when seeking compensation and are often left with tens of thousands of dollars to pay into medical debt.

Take Action -- Call a Rogers Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Suppose you are involved in a motorcycle accident that doesn’t mean that you were at fault.

There’s a long history of demonizing motorcycle riders as the at-fault person, and a crashed simply because they took a greater risk in choosing a motorcycle over a standard vehicle.

That’s not a fair assumption, and you need to fight it.

With legal action, your motorcycle crash can resolve with compensation in your favor.

As the victim of a motorcycle accident, you need support.

Contacting the motorcycle accident lawyers at NWA is the first step toward getting that support and taking that legal action.

As long as you were complying with the laws, and wearing the required protective equipment, injuries incurred from not wearing additional protective equipment can’t be counted against you.

Fault is the matter at hand, and if you were following the law, then you should have no fault in the matter.

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