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Parking Lot Accidents

Often persons who have never been in a car accident do not understand how severely a person can be injured in a car accident that occurs in a parking lot.  Recently, Anna Betts settled a

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Case Settled for $50,000

Sean Keith recently settled a case on behalf of a client for $50,000.00 after filing suit against the other driver.  This case involved a client who had injured his arm in the wreck and needed

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Do I need a lawyer?

Q: Do I really need a lawyer? A: Yes. It may seem self serving, but there’s a very good reason why you should have a lawyer for any accident. The insurance adjuster is better at this than

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Zero Tolerance for Drunk Driving

There should be zero tolerance for drunk drivers who injure others as a result of their drinking and driving.  Driving while intoxicated can be deadly and in Northwest Arkansas each week there are car wrecks

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4 Facts for Motorcycle Accidents

1.  Not seeing you is NO excuse Our firm has represented many clients who have been injured while riding their bikes because another driver said they  “didn’t see them.”  Failing to look is a poor excuse

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