Can I Claim Compensation for an Injury Caused by Highway Defects in Arkansas?

As you might see a lot of commuters every day on Arkansas’ highways, the chances of getting into a car accident increase if you are not careful enough.

Car accidents occur due to several reasons.

One of the most prevalent causes is highway defects.

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If you have been in a harrowing car accident experience, you must immediately claim compensation for an injury caused by highway defects in Arkansas.

It’s necessary to get in touch with a professional car accident attorney who can handle your case as you could be suffering from injuries.

If you are looking for a trusted car accident lawyer in Arkansas, you can get all the help and answers from the right people.

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Common faults in Highway Hazards:

The lack of road repair and maintenance leads to damages and defects.

Here are the most common road defects that may cause an accident:

  • With the passage of time, potholes may occur on the roads.
  • Flawed traffic signs are the biggest cause behind car accidents.
  • The debris on highways also contributes to car accidents. Delay in removing the debris lead to many hazardous car accidents.
  • Cracked or uneven pavements can make the driver lose control of the steering. Especially during the rain.

Other road defects include loose guardrails, inadequate lighting, missing road signs, and excessive grade.

If you or your loved ones have been affected by any highway defect which resulted in a car accident, you are eligible to claim compensation.

Steps to Claim Compensation for an Injury Caused by Highway Defects in Arkansas:

Missing signs on the road or road defects can lead to hazardous circumstances involving serious injuries.

In the case of getting involved in a car accident, you must follow the following steps:

1. Gather Evidence:

The first thing after a car accident that you must do, is to gather as much evidence as you can if you are conscious enough.

Take pictures of the area and highway defects as these will strengthen your case.

The pictures and video clips will also show the depth of any potholes and the damage it has caused to you and your vehicle.

2. Call the Police:

Another important step that must not be missed, is to call the police immediately.

The police will reach the area of the accident and make a report, including all the necessary details such as the victim’s name, location, etc.

As you will be needing the report to support your claim, do not forget to ask the assigned police officer’s name and report number to collect a copy later.

3. Hire an Attorney:

According to a report, the fatalities on the highways in Arkansas have increased by 11% since 2019.

The common accidents include head-on collision, trucking, drunk driving, and defective highways.

The highway defects must be maintained and repaired by the local authorities.

To make a claim against local authorities for failing to meet the road standards, you would need to send a notice that has a certain set of requirements.

As you might be busy with your medical treatment, it’s necessary to hire an attorney who will assist you through this process, including the written letter to the government agency that requires:

  • Injured person’s name
  • The location where the accident took place
  • Personal injuries caused due to highway defects
  • The names of the witnesses who were present at the moment of the accident.

Claiming compensation for an injury caused by highway defects in Arkansas by presenting all the details is not as easy as it sounds.

In fact, the process is complicated and needs an expert to meet all the requirements and present a strong case with an accurate piece of evidence.

An unforeseen hazardous incident can occur when you are least expecting it.

NWA Car Accident Attorney provides you with all the legal help and assists you need in claiming compensation for an injury caused by highway defects in Arkansas.

Our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys are available round the clock to help you with an accident caused due to damaged roadways.

While you are focusing on your medical treatment right after the crash, you can rely on our car accident attorney to build your case through the whole process and file a claim without any delay.

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