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A hit-and-run accident is when a vehicle collides with another vehicle or hits a person or object, then leaves the scene of the crime.

It is important to get a Rogers hit-and-run lawyer when you have been involved in such an accident so that they can guide you through the next steps.

The auto accident attorneys at Keith Law are the people to call when you have been involved in a hit-and-run.

They will help you file a claim against the other driver if they are found, and also with your own insurance company for damages.

Call us today if you are looking for an experienced hit-and-run lawyer in Arkansas to represent you. We will help you in handling the stressful situation.

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Hit And Run Laws In Arkansas

It is illegal to leave the scene of the accident without following the required steps.

Once the accident happens, the parties involved should stop at the scene or a short distance away.

If it’s possible to do so without obstructing the rest of the traffic, this is recommended.

The drivers should then exchange their information, that is their names, vehicle registration numbers, and addresses.

Once this is done if there are any injured parties, dial 911.

The unharmed parties should remain at the scene of the crime and wait for law enforcement to arrive.

The reasonable amount of time considered to wait is no less than half an hour.

If a hit and run happens when a driver is not present, say at a parking lot, then the responsible party needs to write their details on a piece of paper then place it somewhere that the other driver will be able to see.

Apart from the necessary details, there should be a statement describing how the accident occurred.

Leaving the scene of the crime if there has been property damage is a class C felony in Arkansas, and can incur a fine of up to 500 dollars or 30 days in county jail.

The driver may also be charged with a misdemeanor.

If the accident results in death or injury, it is classified as a class D felony and can result in the guilty party’s license being revoked.

There may also be a fine of up to ten thousand dollars and a maximum of six years in prison, depending on the circumstances.

What To Do After A Hit And Run

After a hit and run we recommend you take these eight (8) steps:

1. Record any Details About the Car That You Can

If the driver does not stop, try to get the license plate and give it to the authorities to track down.

Police can identify the number plate even when it is partial, so that should be the first thing you note down.

2. Note the Direction the Car Left in

The police will be able to identify the driver by tracking the destination or their next stop.

3. Have Witnesses Record a Statement

You can use your phone to record them then show the police when they arrive.

Get the contact information of the witnesses so that the police can contact them for any additional information on the hit and run.

4. Take Pictures of the Accident

If you are with someone during the accident, they can also record on your behalf.

Try to record the information as accurately as possible before the scene becomes compromised.

5. Call the Police

Do not try to move anything that looks like it could be evidence.

Let the police collect all the necessary information so that the identification of the guilty party can be a fast process.

It is important to get as many details as you can because if the driver is not located, your insurance company may offer you a lower settlement than what you had claimed.

6. Get Medical Attention

You can also keep the medical records for reference when filing a claim.

These records will also prove injury if the guilty party decides to let the case proceed to court.

7. Inform Your Insurance Company

The faster you inform your insurance company of the hit and run, the easier the process will be.

8. Contact A Rogers Hit and Run Lawyer

Rogers, AR Hit And Run Lawyers can help you out if you have been involved in a hit and run accident.

With all the documents that need to be filed, witnesses recorded, and going to court, it is crucial that you have someone you can trust.

This is especially so if you have been injured during the accident.

We will fight for restitution and get you the necessary compensation from the relevant parties.

We are experienced lawyers that have represented hit and run accident clients and gotten them the compensation they deserve.

Call us today at (479) 326-7761 to get the best representation for your Rogers, Arkansas, hit and run case.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Common Are Hit And Run Accidents In Arkansas?

    Hit and runs make up about 6% of all car accidents each year.

    About 18% of these accidents result in fatalities.

    Most of the people involved in a hit-and-run accident range from 16-35 years old. 38% of hit-and-run accidents are caused by alcohol and drugs.

  • Why Do Drivers Flee A Hit And Run Crime Scene?

    The most common reasons that a driver flees the scene are:

    • If the license is not valid
    • If they had a previous record and may incur harsh charges as a result
    • If a pedestrian or cyclist was injured
    • The driver is not insured
    • The driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the accident.

    It is always advisable to remain at the scene even when under the above circumstances, as fleeing the scene will result in worse charges if it looks like you were trying to avoid responsibility.

    Contact a Rogers hit and run accident lawyer today.

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