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Driven to Safety: GM Ignition Switch Scandal

Dear Members, Today, the American Association for Justice and our public education campaign, Take Justice Back, are launching an online campaign designed to educate the public, reporters, and decision makers on Capitol Hill about the

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7 Ways Cheap Car Insurance Can Backfire

Everybody wants lower car insurance rates, but you could wind up sorry if you shop by price alone. Skimping on coverage can leave you financially exposed and wishing you had spent more for better protection and

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What If The Car Wreck is Your Fault?

Contributed By: Anna Betts Although our firm represents only the people in Northwest Arkansas that are not at fault in a car accident I often think about those that are on the other side.  I have thought

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Statements Made at an Accident Scene

Contributed By: Anna Betts When the police arrive at the scene of a car wreck, their job is to determine what happened.  One of an officer’s tools for determining fault is taking statements from all

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Seat Belt Failures

Contributed by: Sean Keith Last year our firm represented a 17 year old senior who was killed as a result of being run off the road on the interstate and her seat belt failing to

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