Truck Crash in Arkansas: Determining Fault

A wide-turn truck crash in Arkansas happens because of driver carelessness.

It usually happens on the streets which are narrower and consists of heavy traffic.

The size of these trucks is quite huge for these narrow roads, therefore, chances of crashes multiply on such narrow roads.

Traffic rules should be followed on such streets but because of the carelessness of certain drivers, these accidents happen and cause injuries to the passengers.

In such cases, where you are at no fault, compensation is your right.

Seek legal help in such circumstances and make a third party bear the loss.

truck crash in arkansas

According to research, about 500,000 truck accidents happen annually in the United States.

These truck accidents are usually very serious and account for almost 5,000 fatalities each year.

Because of their huge size, they require additional space and a broader turning radius to make a turn.

This turning should be done very carefully otherwise they can bump into other cars, bicycles, motorcycles, or even pedestrians while making a turn and resulting in injuries.

It is the responsibility of a truck driver to follow the turning rules to avoid causing injuries otherwise they should be ready to bear the loss.

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Factors or Errors Leading to a Wide-Turn Truck Crash Accident in Arkansas:

There are many factors or errors that lead to a truck crash in Arkansas.

The main reason behind this is simply the carelessness of a driver who is not following the necessary turning precautions.

Some of the common errors are:

  • Not avoiding traffic or pedestrians during turning
  • Taking a turn from the wrong side
  • Not using the turn signals while making the turn
  • Over speeding
  • Unexperienced or untrained drivers
  • Performing the turn too hurriedly
  • Intoxicated or impaired driving
  • Not using or adjusting side or rear mirrors while making a turn

Sometimes a truck crash in Arkansas also happens because of any fault in the manufacturing of the vehicle.

In such circumstances, the driver is not responsible for the accident; instead, the manufacturer is liable to pay the compensation.

Truck companies are liable to pay for the damage when they do not provide sufficient training to their drivers and do not suspend the drivers who have a history of such collisions.

Also, if a driver is using turn signals while making a turn and another vehicle doesn’t follow that and bumps into the truck, even then the truck driver is not responsible for the accident.

Truck drivers are responsible and liable to pay for the compensation only when they perform the errors mentioned above.

Tips to Avoid Wide-turn Truck Crashes:

Accidents can happen because of many factors.

Some of the common tips to avoid a wide-turn truck crash in Arkansas are:

  • Avoid passing a truck on the right side when it seems that truck is trying to make a turn
  • Do not hurry while driving or try to overspeed
  • Keep a safe distance between you and the truck
  • Do not come in the way of a truck’s blind spots
  • Be extremely careful when the weather is poor
  • Switch lanes carefully and slowly
  • Make your merging into the highway full of trucks slowly and with caution

How to File a Claim for A Wide-Turn Truck Crash:

The claim process for the truck crash in Arkansas is not as simple as it sounds.

Finding a real culprit is not easy because the person responsible can be a truck driver, vehicle possessor, a manufacturing company, or other companies who are involved in the employment of the drivers.

So, if you want to file compensation, it is necessary for you to collect the evidence to prove the driver’s or manufacturer’s negligence otherwise your claim will be of no value.

Truck companies and their owners have their own attorneys who are very aggressive in fighting for their claims, so you definitely need to hire your own attorney to fight for this case.

They will help you in collecting all the necessary evidence and will make sure that you get full compensation for your damages.

To make your case strong, it is important to start the process of collecting this evidence as early as possible so that everything is fresh and is not missed.

Call Our Attorneys to File for an Accident Claim:

Truck crashes in Arkansas happen frequently round the clock.

If you are a victim of such a crash, you need to hire an attorney for your case.

We, at NWA, are here to help you in providing the best and most professional attorneys that will make sure your case is fought in the right manner, and you get full compensation.

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