Intersection Crashes in Arkansas And How to Avoid Them

There are several types of road accidents.

One of them are intersection accidents – the ones often widely seen.

According to The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), approximately 50 percent of road accidents tend to happen at an intersection.

intersection crashes in arkansas

Intersection accidents majorly occur due to an individual’s inattention towards intersection signs on roads or simply as a consequence of an unlawful move.

Intersection crashes in Arkansas have become a major issue of the state that seems hard to deal with.

Despite legislative solutions, one must ensure their safety and the safety of others by following some dogmas and avoiding intersection accidents in the state.

These include the items listed below:

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Knowing the Hazards of Intersection Crashes:

The primary hazard of passing through the intersections is the person’s inability to pay attention to their surroundings.

With heaps of noise and traffic crowds, it sometimes becomes impossible for a person to pay attention to minor details such as pedestrians crossing the road, intersection signs, and even traffic signals, leading to an increased probability of intersection accidents.

Thus, the drivers must ensure keenly understanding all the possible aspects of road accidents, especially at intersections, so that there is decreased possibility of intersection crashes in Arkansas.

Speed of the Vehicle and Intersection Crashes in Arkansas:

Slow and steady wins the race and doesn’t let road accidents happen.

The contrary is the case that leads to intersection accidents.

Factually, intersection crashes in Arkansas are often linked with the vehicle’s speed.

When the vehicle’s speed is extremely high, it does not give a driver sufficient time to look and evaluate whether the pace needs to be slowed down or not.

Additionally, the higher speed of the vehicle does not give civilians (for example, bicyclists, walkers etc.) a time to escape from the worst situation, which ultimately leads to intersection accidents in Arkansas.

Maintaining a Distance is Always the Key:

Maintaining distance saves you from trouble in many aspects of your life.

The same is the case in road accidents as well.

Here’s how – When you keep and maintain an appropriate distance from another vehicle, it gives you sufficient time to anticipate any unforeseen situation upcoming and use your vehicle’s brake timely.

Keeping a safe distance further saves the driver from panicking and makes sensible decisions.

Knowledge about the Peak Hours to Avoid Intersection Accidents:

Typically, intersection accidents happen when drivers refuse to pay enough attention to the traffic signal and continue driving even when the light turns red.

However, they should patiently wait for the signal to turn green and, even when it does, allow a few moments to pass the vehicles from other lanes to cross the road.

Besides, the pedestrians should also realize their responsibility and avoid crossing intersections during peak hours.

Restrain Yourselves from Using the Phone and Focusing on Other Distractions:

Usually, people are caught up in accidents when focusing more on other distractions than driving a car.

One major distraction that has also become the leading cause of road accidents is using mobile phones as drivers drive.

Other distractions include paying attention to advertisements and billboards, listening to the radio, eating, daydreaming, and so on.

Using Your Turn Signals Appropriately:

Finally, the drivers need to know how important are their turn signals.

But what’s more important is knowing how to use them at the right time.

While activating the signals very soon might confuse others, activating them too late might cause you trouble as well.

Hence, the driver needs to remain conscious while driving at intersections, assessing the situation with an open mind, and allowing others to comprehend your actions as well.

Ponder Upon Other Drivers' Actions Before Making Yours:

As a driver, you must know and understand the art of reading and evaluating other drivers’ actions.

For example, suppose you anticipate any other driver not fulfilling their duty of slowing down their vehicle even when the traffic light at their lane is about to turn red.

In that case, you still do your part and hit a brake on yours so that none of you meets an unwelcomed accident.

Contact A Car Accident Attorney in Case of an Intersection Crash in Arkansas:

If you have gone through an intersection crash in Arkansas, NWA car accident attorneys are always available to help you out, employing their professional practices.

With years of experience and hands-on knowledge about intersection accidents, the team of lawyers at NWA car accident attorneys can assist you and answer all your possible queries of yours.

Thus, consult them now for a hustle-free experience.

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