Truck Accidents in Arkansas That Stem from Driver Fatigue and Drowsiness

Going through an accident or truck collision can be scary and devastating.

The truck accidents in Arkansas are different compared to car accidents.

The injuries in a truck accident might be worse than the injuries one could get in a car accident.

Most truck accidents in Arkansas happen due to sleep deprivation of the drivers.

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Truck accidents in Arkansas are usually caused by driver fatigue and drowsiness.

It is dangerous and could be traumatic for the victim.

Usually, the truck drivers driving 18-wheeler vehicles are exhausted while driving such a heavy vehicle.

Those drivers hardly get 4 – 5 hours of sleep which definitely qualifies as taking a risk to drive.

The truck accidents are serious and need to be taken care of in advance before any calamity has the chance to arise.

Moreover, the other party may also try to erase the evidence from the accident scene.

Even driver logs can be destroyed.

Therefore, a lawyer should be engaged as soon as possible.

For the victim of truck accidents in Arkansas, be it a car driver or a truck driver, it is difficult to gauge the damage after a collision.

They must rush to the hospital for immediate medical attention.

It would be very rare that the victim driver is not injured in a truck accident.

Some of the injuries are internal and may get worse if medical attention is not given in a timely manner.

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Reasons for Driver’s Exhaustion That Lead to Truck Accidents in Arkansas:

In 2019, 697 motor vehicle accident fatalities were reported in the U.S. alone which involved drowsy drivers.

Several reasons could lead to a driver’s fatigue.

Some of those drivers have longer shift hours.

They will be sleepy when they do not get enough rest.

Heavier trucks have too much load and it could be dangerous to drive them without optimum energy levels.

Truck employers do not understand the importance of rest, especially for drivers who have been driving heavy vehicles.

They pressurize their drivers for quick deliveries.

To meet their delivery time deadlines, the drivers have to forego their sleep and rest hours.

It is a major issue for the transport industry, where the drivers need rest to perform their duties well, and avoid any major accident.

The federal regulations have come up with a time limit for truck drivers to engage on the road overall.

Sometimes, those laws are not followed because the trucking business pays drivers per mile.

Hence, to earn more money, the driver may exhaust themselves.

How an Attorney Can Help:

If you have come across any such accident where the truck driver has violated the rule of hours of service, you can easily claim compensation for your medical treatment and lost wages.

In order for this to happen, the truck accident victim needs to consult an experienced truck accident attorney to make the legal proceedings about the accident.

Filing a truck accident lawsuit could be a lengthy procedure, but if the victim wants compensation for their damages, they need to hire a good truck accident lawyer.

Most truck accidents happen due to the negligence of one party or the other.

However, the injured parties of the truck accident have all the rights to file a lawsuit and get compensation.

However, the injured party must be able to talk about the irresponsibility and careless attitude of the driver that resulted in harming others.

Truck accident attorneys in Arkansas have a lot of experience; therefore, they go through every aspect of the incident.

Their investigation is solid, as they gather much evidence for your case.

For instance, a reasonably qualified Arkansas lawyer has their ways to review the evidence, which may include driver logs, among others.

Driver logs would tell whether the driver has followed the working hours’ rule or did they go against it.

In some cases, the trucking companies may also be responsible for their mismanagement; wrong supervision of the driver.

Our team understands how devastating the situation could be for a victim.

They will support the victim in whatever way they can.

As per their job responsibilities, they must begin with the paperwork.

The compensation for the injuries depends upon the injuries the injured party has experienced.

Usually, compensation is demanded in form of lost wages, medical treatment, and property damage.

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Truck accidents in Arkansas require a lawyer who will use all their theories that can be complied with an accident.

For a victim, compensation is an important part of the lawsuit, therefore, they must be patient and wait for their lawyer to take the case further.

Our Arkansas lawyers have good experience in dealing with truck accidents.

We are well-known for truck accident compensation because we have utilized our time in working for those cases, among other domains.

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