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It was the beginning of rush hour traffic on the very busy Highway 102 in Bentonville, Arkansas. Bobby*, who was 19 years old,  had been car shopping at a used car dealership.  He decided to take a vehicle out for a test drive. As he left the parking lot of the car dealership, Bobby decided to beat traffic to get across two lanes of oncoming traffic. In one of these lanes, our client, Kathy*,  was headed home from work. She was driving at or below the speed limit and was doing nothing wrong. As this impatient young man accelerated into the roadway it cut off Kathy’s car causing her to slam into the side of Bobby’s vehicle. The collision spun Kathy out of control and into oncoming traffic where she was hit by another vehicle. Kathy had several serious injuries and required months of medical treatment to resume her normal life.

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Kathy came to our law firm for help in handling her injury claim. She turned the case over to us and we set to work finding information we could use to fight for our client. Internet research revealed that Bobby had a Facebook profile with no privacy settings. We were able to gather information about several other similar auto accidents Bobby was involved within the past 18 months, as well as implications of illegal drug use and general bad behavior. We were able to use much of this information against him in a lawsuit that we filed for our client’s injuries. Because of the strength of this information, and other information we uncovered, we were able to settle Kathy’s case before we went to trial.

If someone has injured your or someone you know, contact Sean Keith or Anna Betts today. We will use all of our resources to gather as much information as we can on the person who caused your injuries. We will then use information to ensure that the insurance company is motivated to pay the full value of your claim.

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* Names have been changed.

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