Avoiding Semi-Truck Accidents in Arkansas: Some Safety Tips

Semi-truck accidents in Arkansas can lead to deadly injuries.

Semi-trucks and large trucks move around the highway throughout Arkansas.

Smaller vehicles experience more damage when hit by a semi-truck and the collision usually results in fatal physical injuries.

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You will be needing expensive medical treatment for the injuries.

Apart from physical damage, you will be facing mounting financial expenses.

It becomes challenging to deal with an accident.

Often driver’s negligence becomes the reason for such accidents.

Truck accidents are increasing rapidly, in 2019 around 5,005 people lost their lives due to fatal truck accidents.

Semi-trucks are heavier than passenger vehicles and have large blind spots which make it dangerous to drive near them.

When sharing the road with trucks, drivers should be extra careful and vigilant to limit the possibility of a severe accident.

Practicing safe driving techniques can help you lower the risk.

If you have been injured in a truck accident, our experienced truck accident attorney will help you in obtaining the compensation you truly deserve.

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Causes of Semi-Truck Accidents in Arkansas:

The danger of semi-truck accidents in Arkansas increases as trucks have difficulty on the road, unlike passenger cars.

The hazards may include the following:

  • Wider Turns: Trucks tend to make wider turns as they require more space to turn safely. Especially when turning right as the driver sits on the left side. If your car comes in the path of this turning radius, it can lead to a collision.
  • Stopping Time for Trucks is Longer: Semi-trucks are big and weigh more. For this reason, semi-trucks take more time and distance to stop. For a sudden situation, trucks cannot stop immediately.
  • Blind Spots: Semi-trucks have large blind spots. These spots are at the sides, front, and back of the vehicle. It becomes dangerous to drive close to trucks as trucks cannot see vehicles in the blind spots.
  • Wind Impact: When it is windy, try to avoid being near a truck. In the wind, it’s difficult to control a truck which may result in an accident.
  • Slower to Respond to Road Conditions: Trucks require time and distance to react to the road conditions. A truck cannot merge or make lane changes frequently like a car.

Drive Safely Near Trucks:

Keep yourself safe when driving near semi-trucks, follow these safe driving tips whenever you share a road with trucks:

1. Avoid Driving in Blind Spots:

You should be aware of the blinding spots on a truck.

Avoid driving in those spots as the truck driver won’t be able to see your vehicle.

The blind spots include:

  • Right-side large blind spot extending two lanes
  • Left-side blind spot extending one lane
  • The front blind spot of the truck extending 20 feet
  • Back blind spot at the rear of the truck extending 30 feet

2. Keep a Safe Distance:

Trucks need more space to make maneuvers, switch lanes, make turns, and stop.

You should have plenty of safe space when you drive next to or in front of a truck.

You should avoid making a turn from the inner lane next to a truck.

Your vehicle could be hit by a truck if you squeeze in the lane.

A truck requires around 55 feet to make a safe turn.

When you stop at an intersection, do not go over the white lane, trucks require all available space to turn.

Try to pass a truck on its left side to avoid getting caught in the blind spot.

Keep more space for your vehicle.

Before moving back in the lane, carefully use the rearview mirror to see the truck.

You should slow your speed and keep in the right lane when a truck passes by.

This way you will be out of the blind spot and the truck will have safe space to pass quickly.

3. Drive a Consistent Speed:

You cannot expect truck drivers to quickly react and control their vehicles for speed changes.

The size and weight of trucks restrict them to take quick action.

If you don’t drive at a consistent speed, it will be difficult for the truck driver to adjust.

You should always avoid speeding, if a truck makes a stop and you are behind it at a higher speed, you may rear-end the truck.

Your car can get caught in the undercarriage of the truck, peeling off the top of your car.

You may sustain severe life-threatening injuries.

Get in Touch with an Attorney:

Even if you are careful, semi-truck accidents in Arkansas can occur due to truck driver’s negligence.

If you or your loved ones experience such a tragic incident, know your rights through our skilled truck accident attorneys.

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