Tragedy Occurs as Woman Dies in Interstate 30 Crash

One of the things that will always be deemed irreplaceable, is the loss of human life.

And unfortunately, most people seem to take the blessing of life for granted.

We truly realize its value when catastrophe strikes.

Catastrophe often along with it brings irreversible tragedy.

That was the case on February 8, when a woman died in an Interstate 30 crash.

The incident occurred at around 7:20 a.m.

According to the preliminary crash report, 36-year-old Latonya L. Higgins was travelling northbound at Interstate 30 near the 142-mile marker in North Little Rock when her vehicle ran off the road.

Higgins hailed from Little Rock and was travelling in a Chevrolet Tahoe.

interstate 30 crash

The vehicle collided with the guardrail after which it went airborne.

The vehicle rolled multiple times over before it came to a stop.

The reason for Higgins’ vehicle going off the road has not been identified yet.

Unfortunately, Higgins was declared dead at the scene of the accident when medical responders arrived.

The conditions at the time of the Interstate 30 crash have been reported to be clear and dry.

The start of this year has been a rather dark one for Arkansas with 53 car accident-related deaths since the start of the year as reported by the state Department of Public Safety.

It takes only the blink of an eye for life to turn around.

Accidents don’t give any warnings before they happen.

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