Truck Accidents in Arkansas: What Statistics Can Tell Us

A devastating common outcome is typically observed when 18-wheelers, semi-trucks, and tractor-trailers crash on the motorways of Arkansas.

Extreme deadly injuries are caused as these humongous machines collide with each other and cause major truck accidents in Arkansas.

truck accidents in arkansas

In 2019, NHTSA reported 5,005 deaths in accidents involving large trucks.

This number varied slightly from the stats of 2018, which was 5,006. 71% of the individuals who fell victim to large truck accidents in 2019 were passengers of other cars.

The question is that how frequently do such accidents even occur?

We will try and cover major aspects of such circumstances and explain how our skilled lawyers can help with your truck accident case in Arkansas.

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A 20 Year Overview of Arkansas Truck Accidents:

Between 2000 and 2019, accidents that occurred on Arkansas highways and motorways typically involved multiple cars, aggregated to a sum of 1,606 tuck incidents involving 1,815 trucks.


There were 102 accidents in total which involved 111 truck accidents.


Accidents aggregated to 103 truck accidents and fell just below 89 incidents.


There were 76 accidents occurring in the second year.

The statistics indicate that there were reduced multi-vehicle incidents in 2002, as compared to 2000 and 2001.


In the year 2003, the aggregate posted a 21% increase and climbed up to 92.

It witnessed the second-lowest number of trucks at 101, which was the highest total among three years.


The number of truck accidents in Arkansas that involved trucks mitigated to 94 trucks, whereas the number of accidents posted an amount of 89.


During the 20 year period, this year primed itself to be the highest for both number of accidents (107) and the number of trucks involved, which amounted to 130.


The number of incidents reduced to 84 while truck accidents maintained a sum of 98.


In the year 2007, there were 97 accidents that involved 110 trucks, increasing by 15% over the previous year.


This year proved to be a landmark for the subsequent 20-year reporting period, in which there was a major dip in the accident levels.

The number of accidents did not exceed the sum of 85.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Do Arkansas Truck Accidents Occur?

    The Arkansas motorway system comprises above 16,000 miles of U.S routes, interstates, smaller highways, and certain shorter routes.

    From Texarkana to Missouri, U.S Route 67 which runs nearly 300 miles is the longest route.

    Following is a list of certain situations in which these accidents take place:

    Vehicle Defects:

    Some common causes of truck-related accidents include impaired hitches and brakes, detached wheels, blown tires, and broken axles.

    A catastrophic accident may also be caused by excessive inventory or equipment loaded on the back of a truck causing the vehicle to trip or the loaded items to fall on another car.

    Inadequate Maintenance of a Truck:

    In case the braking or steering systems are not maintained or lubricated on a periodic basis, may cause the truck to crash.

    Such crashes may also occur due to improper maintenance.

    The safety of you and your family can be compromised in the case where such parts do not operate in a responsible manner.

    Impaired Driving:

    It is a known fact that some truck drivers occasionally consume drugs or other special sustenance to stay awake when they are required to drive and work extended hours.

    In these circumstances, such drivers exhibit a delayed reaction time, poor coordination, and lapses in concentration, which can all sum up to a colossal disaster.

    Driver Fatigue:

    Fatigued driving is termed to be as catastrophic as driving under influence, thereby causing the regulatory bodies to impose restrictions to curb fatigued driving.

    Despite the dangers that fatigued driving brings with it, many logistic corporates push their drivers to work overtime in order to report overstated revenues.

    Driver Error:

    In order to ensure the safety of everyone on the motorways, truckers are required to follow the same rules designed for every other vehicle on the road.

    Major injuries along with huge medical bills can pile up when such laws are obstructed leading to a severe incident.

    Running through a red light, distracted driving, and over-speeding are a few common examples of such violations.

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