Parking Lot Accidents

Often persons who have never been in a car accident do not understand how severely a person can be injured in a car accident that occurs in a parking lot.

Recently, Anna Betts settled a car accident case that occurred in the parking lot of the Promenade Mall in Rogers, AR.

Because of the road design and layout of the Promenade Mall, it is possible to easily reach traveling speeds of 35 m.p.h. or more in that parking area.

Our client was t-boned by a car coming off of a side road who did not stop at a stop sign.

After several months of treatment, our client was able to return to normal.

However, the insurance company wanted to dismiss the claim as a “low-impact” parking lot case and did not want to consider the fact the full extent of our client’s injuries.

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Parking lot accidents and low-impact accidents are often minimized by insurance companies who are looking to save a buck.

However, the injuries sustained in these types of accidents are very real and very painful.

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