One Casualty Reported After Crash and Chemical Spill on I-40

After a fatal tractor-trailer accident caused a chemical spill on I-40 near Forrest City, early in the morning of December 8, emergency crews were working to clear it.

Unfortunately, one person also lost their life in the crash.

It has been reported by the Arkansas Department of Transportation that the chemical was calcium carbide.

It is said to be a flammable substance and is used to create acetylene gas when it comes to steel manufacturing as well as metal cutting; this data has been reported by the New Jersey Department of Health.

Concept photo: Crash causes chemical spill on I-40

Upon the incident, traffic was being diverted from I-40 to exit 247 until the spill was cleared.

It was also reported that westbound lanes were blocked and moreover, no evacuation was required by any homes or residents.

As updated by ARDOT, the chemical spill on I-40 was later controlled.

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