Attorneys Settle $3 Million Dollar Bus Crash Case

In April 2010, a bus carrying 31 passengers crashed on Interstate 40 near Russellville,AR.

Our client, a loving and devoted grandmother, was a passenger on the bus.

She suffered severe, traumatic injuries, including a de-gloving injury and traumatic arm amputation.

After fighting for her life for several weeks, our client succumbed to her severe injuries, leaving behind a grief-stricken and loving family.

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In addition to our client’s untimely death, another passenger was also killed and approximately 28 others were injured.

The insurance coverage on the bus was limited to $3 Million dollars to pay for the pain, suffering, medical bills, and deaths involved in this horrific crash.

Because of the limited funds and the number of injured people, many of whom were severely and permanently injured, all of the attorneys involved felt that it would be best to mediate a settlement of the insurance funds.

A mediation like this one helps ensure that everyone is fairly compensated for what they had suffered without the expensive and time-consuming process of a trial.

Attorneys Sean Keith and Anna Betts attended the mediation on behalf of our client and fought to ensure that the severe injuries and pain she suffered before her death were not minimized or overlooked because of her age, ethnicity, or socio-economic status.

After more than 30 hours of intense negotiations over the course of two and one-half days, Sean and Anna were able to obtain one of the two highest settlements for the estate of our client for her terrible injuries and wrongful death.

As car accident and personal injury attorneys inNorthwest Arkansas, Sean and Anna are committed to working hard to ensure that their clients receive a fair, honest settlement.

When insurance companies are dismissive of your injuries or are minimizing what you have suffered, we will fight to help you get the settlement you deserve.

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