Can I File Arkansas Car Accident Claim Without a Police Report?

A police report is an essential document required when you want to file an Arkansas car accident claim.

It ensures that police are involved to oversee and respond to the scene.

You can get those officers to testify the details about the crash and also provide pictures they took of the scene.

arkansas car accident

It becomes challenging to take your claim to the court without a police report.

But you may be able to report the accident.

In 2020, around 38,680 people died due to car accidents.

Our car accident attorney can help if you were injured in a car accident.

Speak to our attorneys to know more about your legal rights.

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Filing a Lawsuit Without a Police Report:

When your case proceeds further to the court, you cannot usually use a police report as evidence.

However, the police report is significantly important for your car accident attorney.

The official police report includes information about everyone involved in the crash, including the witnesses and the police officers who responded to the call.

You can use the pictures taken for the police report as evidence in court.

The police report proves to be an important element to building a case but its information cannot be used as evidence in court.

If there is any statement made out of the court, it cannot be used as evidence in the court to prove what the statement says is true.

The police report’s basic aim is to keep a record of the accident.

It is secondhand information.

You cannot use the statements to prove how the accident unfolded and what the circumstances were.

However, you can use the testimony of people mentioned in the report or the police officer who made the report.

The police officer who responded to the scene can be a witness.

Any other people involved in the accident can be called witnesses.

These people will testify to the information about the accident.

If you don’t have a police report, you don’t lose evidence as the police report cannot be used as evidence.

In either case, you will have to collect information at the crash scene, and you will have to contact witnesses to prove your claim.

You may not be able to use a police officer’s testimony.

In this case, however, you can still build a strong case relying on the information and photos you collected from the scene.

Consulting With a Car Accident Attorney:

If you don’t have a police report, you can still file an Arkansas car accident claim.

You can find other evidence to support your claim.

Talk to our experienced car accident attorney.

They will help you in building a strong case and attaining successful outcomes.

You may be required to report the case.

We will assist you throughout the case to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I Need A Police Report For My Arkansas Car Accident Claim?

    Rarely, Arkansas car accident claims go forward without a police report.

    If you were injured in the accident, you likely called 911 to report the incident and call an ambulance.

    Commonly, police also respond to these calls.

    Furthermore, any serious car accident that involves personal injury or property damage of at least $1,000 must be reported.

    All serious motor accidents are recorded and reports are kept with the Arkansas State Police.

    Even minor accidents lead to injuries and property damages of more than $1,000.

    It is vital to report every car accident to the police.

    You must report a crash to the police.

    If you couldn’t report the accident at the scene, you might have a chance to report it now.

    Under Arkansas law, you are allowed to report the accident for up to 30 days.

    This will provide you sufficient time to go to the hospital, get treatment for your injuries, consult your case with an attorney, and report the case.

    If you are incapacitated due to the injuries you suffered in the crash and you need more than 30 days to submit the form, usually this deadline is waived.

    You can find the Arkansas Motor Vehicle Accident Report Form SR-1 online; it is your choice to either e-mail it, send it in person, or mail it.

    The form includes information about all the drivers and the owner of the vehicle.

    Detailed information about the vehicle is also added including make, model, and license plate number.

    You will be required to add the location of the crash, the names of the injured people, and the cost of damages.

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