When should I contact a personal injury attorney if I’m injured in a vehicle accident?

“As soon as you are physically able,” said attorney Sean Keith.

Injured parties that are involved in car accidents may have many questions and need to ensure that those are answered in a way that doesn’t hurt their case.

One of the many benefits of contacting an attorney early is it allows the client to put their sole focus on healing from their injuries.

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In addition, contacting an attorney early helps them ensure that important evidence is saved.

“The sooner a person contacts a personal injury attorney the quicker we can ensure that things are done to prevent them negatively affecting the case” said Keith.

Keith explained that he has had cases in the past in which he was able to have an accident reconstructionist on the scene of an accident within 48 hours.

This person was able to gather evidence, such as analyzing skid marks and finding other critical evidence which helped show that our client was not the one at fault, even though that is what the police at the scene had originally determined.

“I could have only done this because my client’s wife contacted me from the hospital”, Sean said.

“Evidence disappears, and sometimes that makes the difference between winning and losing”.

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