What NOT To Do After An Accident

Car accidents happen and given the construction on I-49 in Northwest Arkansas you may just find yourself in a car accident.

Usually you will do several things before contacting an attorney.

This is a list of the things you should NOT DO after you are in an accident.

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1. You SHOULD NOT post on social media

Anything you put on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, about the accident can be seen or requested by the insurance company. This includes pictures of your damaged vehicle, new vehicle, injuries, and the people involved.

  • If you were to sue to try and win damages, everything and anything you have put on social medial about the accident will have to be turned over to the defense, who will show it to the jury. Let me tell you, there is nothing the Jury will like about that smiling selfie you posted with the caption “check out my new car :P!!”
  • Deleting it, doesn’t actually delete it, and it can be retrieved still.


2. You SHOULD NOT talk to anyone and everyone about the accident

Each person you talk to becomes a potential witness that can be used against you and conversations or statements taken out of context can be unforgiving.

  • It is okay to talk to different attorneys who you are seeking legal advice from.
  • The more people you talk to, the more problems you could be causing yourself. For example, someone you talked to about the accident gets on the stand and repeats exactly what you said to them, which just happened to be “I think I have a great case and if I sued I would clean up.” That is the last thing you want a Jury to hear because it will make it seem like you are fishing for a payday.
  • Of course you need to vent, but try to limit the people you are venting to about the accident.

3. You SHOULD NOT give a recorded statement to the other driver’s insurance company

They do not need a recorded statement to begin the claim process.

  • They usually ask for this shortly after the accident and before the dust has even settled and you know what is going on.
  • For example, you tell them a day after the accident that you feel okay and are not sure you need medical treatment, only to go the doctor the next day and discover you have a torn rotator cuff and need surgery. The company will bring up the big difference there.

4. You SHOULD NOT ignore your body

If you start getting tight the day after the accident, it is not the adrenaline wearing off.

  • If you are sore the next day, go to the doctor. Your health is important. Go to the doctor.
  • Do not wait until you are so stiff and sore you cannot move.

5. You SHOULD NOT listen to all the things people are telling you

People will tell you all sorts of wild things, do not listen.

  • People will talk and talk and talk to you, telling you what to do and what to demand. While you should always thank these people for caring about you, you should not listen or take to heart what they are telling you to do.
  • People will often say do not get an attorney whatever you do, even though they themselves have neither been in a car wreck nor ever needed an attorney. This person is giving you bad advice.
  • If you have questions or need advice, call an attorney who handles car accident cases. This is true even if your mother works for an insurance company or handled her accident on her own. An attorney does know more and will advise you much better.

These are the top five things you should not do and why you should not do them.

Being in an accident is never a pleasant experience, but with the right advice and help, it can be a much smoother and less stressful experience for you.

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