Do 18-Wheeler Accident Lawsuits in Arkansas Settle for More?

When you travel on Arkansas roads, you know that you might share the lane with a lot of commercial trucks.

Hence one has to be extra careful.

Slight negligence can result in a catastrophe and one might have to suffer for years.

It’s important to be aware that 18-wheeler accident lawsuits in Arkansas usually settle for much more.

Truck crash, 18-wheeler accident lawsuits in Arkansas

According to statistics, about 98% of all truck accidents result in at least one fatality and around 90% of commercial truck accidents are caused by the carelessness of the drivers. Claiming insurance after truck accidents can turn out to be a huge hassle.

Hence one has to get services from experienced truck accident attorneys in Arkansas to get their due right.

There could be many reasons behind this sudden surge in the number of truck accidents on highways.

Some of the common reasons are:

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1. Driver Fatigue:

The primary reason for major truck accidents on highways is driver fatigue.

Truck drivers are usually on road for hours and this makes them mentally exhausted.

Hence they tend to be careless at times, not noticing the passing cars on the side.

This slight carelessness leads to a disaster, ultimately causing unfortunate deaths.

2. Tire Blowouts:

These 18 wheelers run for such long hours and cover so much distance that the tires often get worn out.

However, drivers do not pay attention to such details and continue to drive their trucks without running proper checks.

The continuous wear and tear of the tires cause them to burst on main roads.

Due to this, trucks tend to get involved in disastrous accidents.

3. Speeding:

18-wheeler drivers get really anxious on long routes and they want to finish the journey as soon as possible.

They usually do overspeeding on highways at night time which becomes one of the main causes of road accidents.

It becomes very difficult to control the speed of the truck and because of excessive weight; the impact of the collision is much higher.

It is advised to seek help from prominent truck accident attorneys in such a case to cover damage costs.

Compensation for Truck Accidents:

Truck accident lawsuits can result in major financial claims since most of the cases result in fatalities.

Therefore, the damage costs and compensation costs are much higher.

The judicial system is not kind to negligent truck drivers and the judges make sure that such drivers are reprimanded timely.

If the driver belongs to a professional company then it is the responsibility of the organization to pay for the damages.

However, when bigger corporates are involved then the legal battle becomes tougher, these corporates are represented by major law firms.

These major law firms can stretch cases for years to avoid paying back the compensation.

One might be physically and mentally exhausted while fighting such cases.

Thus, it is vital that one gets hold of a highly reputed auto accident lawyer who has years of experience in 18-Wheeler accident lawsuit settlements.

There are no definitive criteria to determine the exact amount which could be paid to cover the damage costs.

The insurance companies might look at several factors before determining the worth.

These include economic damage, physical damage, rating of the attorney you select, and many more.

A good law firm could make your case stronger and allow you to put forward your case more effectively.

This could save you from a lot of headaches.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Long Does It Take to Settle 18-Wheeler Accident Lawsuits in Arkansas?

    Trucking accident settlements can be really long; sometimes it might take months or even a few years.

    There are several claims one has to make and additional documents that need to be submitted.

    Since the damage in an 18-wheeler is much more, the settlement is on the higher end too.

    Greater the damage, the longer it will take to receive fair compensation for your loss.

    Therefore, it is advised that highly competent lawyers should be engaged for 18-wheeler accident lawsuits in Arkansas should be contacted to get the matter sorted.

    An amateur attorney can ruin your case instead of building it.

    That’s why one should be extremely careful.

    The legal and financial complications could be immense.

    One needs to have a solid truck accident attorney by his/her side.

  • How Can a Good Attorney Help You?

    Negotiating the best settlement in 18-wheeler accident lawsuits in Arkansas is a very complex procedure.

    There are many processes involved and points to determine by the investigation team.

    If you have a seasoned truck wreck attorney, then he/she could handle everything on their own making the recovery period swift and easy.

    Contact our Arkansas auto accident law firm today for a free consultation!

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