Tire Safety and Blowout Auto Accidents in Arkansas

Most of us are well aware of the increasing number of blowout auto accidents in Arkansas.

Tire blowouts can happen at any time and without any warning.

You might be on the highway or sitting at a red light when suddenly your tire blows out.

And under such circumstances, you have very little time to react.

tire-blowout auto accidents

Sometimes you are not even able to understand the problem which results in auto accidents.

That is why focusing on tire safety is necessary.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in just one year, fatalities and injuries due to auto accidents have increased by 50%.

Amongst those affected, most had no clue of what to do next or how it happened.

The impact of such accidents is huge and causes massive destruction.

Almost everyone who faces this issue has no idea how to react afterward.

In most cases, it is life-threatening and that is why they need to be handled with care.

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Reasons for Blowout Auto Accidents in Arkansas:

Let us discuss the primary reasons why such blowout auto accidents in Arkansas occur:

1. Impacts on the Road:

When driving your vehicle, you come across multiple objects.

You hardly notice them but these small objects could become the reason for a tire to blow out.

And that could result in something horrible.

Some drivers bump over an item in the middle of the road and think that the vehicle isn’t affected.

However, later on, when you have traveled a mile or two, the effects start to show.

These small pieces no matter what their size might be, leave a strong impact.

Whenever you experience such bumps on the road, immediately get your tires checked.

This way you can prevent future blowouts.

2. Worn Out Tires:

People often delay getting their tires replaced.

They keep on using worn-out tires and it becomes riskier with time.

Tires like any other part of your car need to be renewed because they face heavy wear and tear.

It makes their rubber lose its flexibility which in turn makes them unable to sustain the harshness of roads.

Eventually leading to blowout accidents.

Therefore, get your tires checked and renewed on time.

New tires with deep treads lower the risk of blowouts significantly.

3. Punctures and Potholes:

When your car hits a pothole, you might not be affected but the tires of your car certainly face a serious impact.

They develop small punctures which cause rapid pressure changes within the tire.

Sometimes you don’t notice such small punctures but when left untreated these become the reason for blowouts.

Air continuously leaks out of the tire creating a pressure difference.

This ultimately leads to blowouts.

Focusing on Tire Safety:

Tire blowouts are the primary reason for accidents and as told earlier with each passing year the damages keep on increasing.

There are multiple reasons why your tires burst out, it could be:

  • Poor maintenance
  • Low pressure
  • Excessively inflated tires

No matter how much time it takes, get your tires changed if they seem even a little out of shape.

Injuries Caused by Tire Blowout Accidents:

Such events lead to intense accidents including head-on collisions.

Even a few vehicles near the affected car could easily get damaged and countless lives could be lost.

From burns to bruises to fractures, people can experience extensive physical damage because of the fault of one person.

Therefore, don’t let the tire conditions deteriorate to such an extent, fix the problems beforehand.

Hiring Good Lawyers After Blowout Auto Accidents in Arkansas:

Whether you were directly or indirectly involved in a blowout auto accident in Arkansas, we are here to help you.

Hire the best professional help in Arkansas in no time.

With years of experience in dealing with such cases, our team of lawyers will guide you through the entire procedure.

From claiming damages to insurance companies to getting adequate compensation, your lawyer will manage everything.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Serious Are Blowout Auto Accidents in Arkansas?

    Tire blowouts happen without a prior warning and when they do, the driver loses their calm and their control over the steering.

    This in turn causes huge amounts of loss.

    Blowouts are indeed sudden but sometimes it’s the fault of the driver as well.

    For instance, in some cases, a negligent driver forgets to replace old tires or doesn’t get the air checked.

    All because of the negligence of one person, countless lives can suffer.

    From head-on collisions to chain reaction accidents, there are many possible outcomes of one simple blowout.

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