Six Reasons to Call an Attorney After a Car Accident

Six Reasons to Call an Attorney After a Car Accident

Contributed by NWA Car Accident Attorney Seth A. White

You are driving along the roadway, wearing your seatbelt, and as you proceed through a green light at an intersection—you are blind-sided.

In the days and weeks that follow, you attempt to recover from injuries from the traumatic event, and during that time someone from an insurance company calls you.

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Should you work with them?

Or should you get an attorney?

Below we’ve highlighted six reasons why you should ALWAYS get an attorney!

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Six Reasons You Should ALWAYS Call an Attorney After a Car Accident

1. Insurance Adjusters are Professionals

Insurance adjusters are professionals with training and experience.

That training and experience gives them knowledge and resources you do not have.

Further, their loyalty lies with their employer, and not an injured party.

Hiring an attorney allows you to have a professional whose loyalty is in representing your best interests—not the insurance company’s interests.

2. Knowledge of Applicable Law

Law can be complicated, and as such, many individuals are not aware of all of the rights and remedies that they are entitled too.

An experienced attorney will have the knowledge and skill to make sure you are going to receive all of the remedies you are legally entitled to.

3. Assessment of Proper Compensation and Damages

You should never accept any amount from an insurance carrier without knowledge of the true value of the damages you have suffered.

An attorney can review all of the circumstances of your case and help you to better understand what a fair offer actually looks like.

4. Proving Liability

Sometimes the at-fault party will deny liability.

Perhaps there are no witnesses, no video footage, and it is your word against theirs.

An attorney will have the resources to establish a proper investigation in to your case and prevent a liable party from skirting responsibility.

5. Negotiation Leverage

People often attempt to negotiate with an insurance company on their own.

The unfortunate reality is that you are not likely ever to receive an offer that reflects the value of your case in that scenario.

Without representation, the insurance carrier knows that there is no realistic possibility of them being held accountable to a jury.

Having representation lets the insurance company know that they cannot resolve your claim without giving you a fair offer.

6. Medical Bills and Health Insurance

Apart from the at-fault insurance carrier, health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, and medical billing departments often become involved in personal injury cases.

This is because the injured person has incurred medical treatment for their injuries.

Reimbursement of medical providers and health insurance companies can be highly technical, particular when government regulated health insurance is involved.

An attorney will have the knowledge necessary to guide you that process and even negotiate with those entities when appropriate.

If you, or someone you know, has been involved in a car accident, the attorneys at our firm are skilled and experienced in handling those types of claims.

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