Contributing Factors in Arkansas Semi-Truck Accidents

The cargo and freight industry makes a significant contribution to the economy in Arkansas.

For this particular reason, it is essential to recognize the benefits and challenges that are associated with the state’s transportation sector.

Arkansas semi-truck accidents are serious and concerning.

semi-truck accidents in Springdale

Due to Benton’s proximity to Interstate 30 and Little Rock’s placement amidst a web of surrounding interstate highways and state roads, both of which carry substantial commercial vehicle flow, semi-truck accidents are an unpleasant and rather common phenomenon in the Benton and Little Rock areas.

But truck accidents happen everywhere in the state.

If you or a loved one was hurt in a semi-truck accident, our lawyers can help you file a claim for compensation.

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Risks Associated With Arkansas Semi-Truck Accidents:

Cargo and freight trucks or CMV’s (Commercial Motor Vehicles) are massive.

They possess a substantial center of gravity, mass, and size.

They also offer a considerable danger of harm or damage to individuals in noncommercial vehicles in the case of an accident.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has created various restrictions covering vehicle mass limitations, freight adjustment, and securement requirements.

Other restrictions include speed restrictions, employee operating hours, tests for drinking alcohol and drugs, and other factors in an attempt to prevent Arkansas semi-truck accidents.

However, to reduce transportation cost/time and maximize financial gains, some transportation firms and operators break the regulations and law, endangering the life of travelers and passengers in close range to these large vehicles.

Contributing Factors:

According to FMCSA, the following are some of the major and most common contributing factors to semi-truck accidents.

  • Alcohol and Drugs:

The transportation industry comes with strict time constraints and pressures.

The drivers are under great pressure at all times due to strict deadlines.

This leads them to use drugs like marijuana and cocaine to keep themselves awake while they are driving the trucks.

  • Mechanical Challenges:

Mechanical faults and malfunctions also contribute to Arkansas semi-truck accidents.

These occur mainly due to lack of maintenance by the negligence of the vehicle maintenance staff.

Vehicles not maintained and taken care of lead to serious consequences on the road.

  • Cargo Imbalance and Overload:

Cargo when not loaded correctly also leads to accidents on road.

Vehicles which are overburdened with cargo and freight or carrying imbalanced loads are more likely to topple through abrupt bends or in bad weather.

  • Negligent Driving:

Negligent driving by the driver due to any form of distraction is also a common cause.

Messaging and having a cellphone in hand while driving a CMV are strictly prohibited by the FMCSA and are crimes.

Unfortunately, this rule is frequently disregarded and drivers often use cellphones while driving.

  • Fast Driving and Over-Speeding:

Over-speeding is also a major contributing factor.

Heavy CMV’s have large masses and require extended braking time in case of an obstruction or crisis.

But when the speed is high the driver in the majority of the cases is unable to handle the vehicle and stop it insufficient time, hence causing serious and disastrous accidents.

  • Tired/Exhausted Driver:

As mentioned earlier that the transportation industry comes with strict time constraints and pressures.

Drivers are under the constant stress of meeting the deadlines and delivering the cargo in due time.

Some drivers in such scenarios disregard operation hour restrictions and overwork. The leads to lesser time for rest and an insufficient amount of sleep.

This leads to an alarming situation of the driver falling asleep while driving on the road and ultimately causing an accident.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where Do We Come In?

    Accidents involving large cargo and freight vehicles and other CMV’s are entirely different scenarios as compared to the small and medium passenger vehicle accidents.

    There are many reasons for this, the most important one of which is the responsibility for the accident.

    In the situation of a CMV accident, there are multiple parties and people that can be held responsible and accountable for the accident.

    The particular reason for this is that many parties are associated with one vehicle, and negligence of a single person could have led to an accident.

    These parties include the driver, the firm, the freight loading personnel, personnel responsible for maintenance, and the manufacturers as well.

    At our law firm, we completely understand the complex situations involved in the case of an Arkansas semi-truck accident.

    We also understand that the initial compensation offers that are given by the insurance providers are never enough to completely compensate for the financial and health loss of the victim.

    For this particular reason, we’ve made it our mission to advocate for the rights of the victims and families of semi-truck accidents.

    Please contact us immediately to arrange your free consultation and discover how we might assist you if you were injured or a close relative was lost in an Arkansas semi-truck accident.

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