Man From Little Rock Dies in Hospital After He Was Struck by a Vehicle on I-630

An unfortunate accident claimed the life of a man from Little Rock. The tragic incident occurred on Interstate 630 last Thursday.

The man was on foot.

He was unfortunately struck by a vehicle according to Arkansas State Police, while he was crossing Interstate.

man from Little Rock

The man from Little Rock was identified as, Lee Pearson, aged 48.

Around 8:46 p.m. he was walking across I-630 when a car struck him.

The vehicle, identified as a Camaro, 2020 make was heading eastbound and tried to switch lanes to avoid striking Pearson. Unfortunately, however, his attempt was unsuccessful, as revealed in the preliminary crash report by the state police.

According to troopers, the immediate lane change by the Camaro caused another vehicle, a Nissan, 2015 make to rear-end the Camaro.

Pearson died on Tuesday morning at UAMS Medical Center on account of not being able to sustain his injuries; where he was rushed to, right after the accident.

The weather condition was described by troopers as clear and dry.

So far around 335 people died as a result of crashes on the roads of Arkansas.

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