Lawsuit filed against General Motors and Everett Maxey

Yesterday (April 2, 2013) our firm, in conjuction with a Texas law firm, filed a lawsuit against General Motors (GM) and Everett Maxey Buick Pontiac GMC, LLC.

Our clients have alleged that GM manufactured and sold an unreasonably dangerous and defective vehicle and that Everett Maxey was negligent in servicing the vehicle.

Our clients were seriously injured when the 1999 Chevrolet Silverado truck they were driving flipped and rolled several times.

We have alleged that the Silverado truck is unreasonably dangerous in part because the roof is not strong enough to withstand the weight of the vehicle as it rolls.

Additionally, we contend that GM did not conduct appropriate dynamic rollover testing on Silverado trucks before selling them to consumers.

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In addition to the unsafe vehicle, there is also the issue of negligent vehicle maintenance.

Tires with deeper tread should be placed on the rear of a vehicle to provide better hydroplaning resistance and give better grip on wet roads.

Four (4) days before this rollover wreck, our clients took their vehicle to the Everett Maxey dealership for an oil change, brake inspection, multi-point vehicle inspection, and tire rotation in preparation for an upcoming road trip.

The rotation was not done because the technician stated “no rotation needed, best tires already on front.”

However, several days later while driving in the rain, the tires lost traction with the roadway surface and the vehicle began to roll.

The driver of the Silverado was not exceeding the speed limit and there is no evidence that he was engaging in unsafe behavior at the time of the crash.

As result of the collision, both of our clients sustained severe spinal injuries and the driver is now a paraplegic.

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