How the Coronavirus Could Impact Personal Injury Claims

The world is currently being confronted with unprecedented shifts in human behavior.

One would be hard-pressed to find a person, social group, business, or charitable entity that has not been impacted in some form or fashion by COVID-19 and the quarantine measures aimed at reducing its spread.

Northwest Arkansas is certainly no exception to those changes: I-49 traffic has been reduced to a trickle at times, the parking lots of Walmart Headquarters and corporate vendors look more like Mars than corporate bustle, and notions of Arkansas Razorback baseball and spring football seem like faint, happy memories of a different time.

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While seemingly every aspect of human life has been impacted by the coronavirus, one notable area has been health care for personal injury victims.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, many medical providers and facilities have had to shift priorities—meaning many “non-emergency” matters have been put on hold.

And even in circumstances where a medical provider has remained open for specific services, the person in need of treatment may fear that seeking treatment could expose themselves (or a vulnerable loved one) to unnecessary risk.

This creates quite a dilemma for personal injury victims.

Some of the primary factors in determining the value of any personal injury claim are:

  • Type of treatments (physical therapy, nerve ablation, steroid injections);
  • Number of treatments
  • The presences of any “time gaps” in treatment history
  • Length of recovery time.

When a personal injury victim does not seek to get better, does not undergo prescribed treatments, or fails to timely undergo treatment—it may have a negative impact on the value of their claims.

This is because it provides insurance companies with ammunition to state that the injured person failed to do what their doctors ordered, and in some part, are responsible for any current symptoms they may be experiencing.

This makes it imperative that personal injury victims stay focused and diligent on their treatment plans.

Many doctor’s offices are conducting appointments by live video or other accommodations.

If you are currently in physical therapy, check with you therapist to see if they can monitor your home exercises remotely.

Further, you may be able to document and record anything you may be experiencing by diligently journaling and calendaring your day-to-day recovery.

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