How Do I Know I Have an Auto Accident Claim?

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If you have been in a car wreck, you wonder whether or not you have an auto accident claim.

Every collision is different, but there are several things that every car wreck claim must have.

Use these tips to help you analyze your case and determine whether or not you may have a claim.

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1. The other driver was at fault in the collision.

If the other driver caused the wreck, you may have a claim.

On the other hand, if you are at fault, or caused the collision, the other driver may have a claim against you.

Sometimes determining fault is easy because the police officer at the scene will issue a ticket to the at-fault party.

However, if the police officer does not issue a citation to either party, determining fault is more difficult.

Please keep in mind that just because no one receives a ticket does not mean that neither party is at fault.

It can, however, make it more difficult to get an insurance company to accept fault.

2. You were hurt or injuried in the wreck.

The law requires that in order to bring a claim for personal injury, there must be a physical injury that was caused by the wreck.

In some cases the injuries are severe and in others they are less severe.

The severity of the injuries does not determine whether you have a claim or not, it just determines the amount you will be able to recover.

3. The injury caused you to incurr medical bills.

Not only must you be injured, you must seek medical treatment for those injuries.

If you try to “tough it out” and do not get the medical help you need, you may not have a claim.

Medical documentation of what you are going through is the best proof for your claim.

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