GEICO Motorcycle Insurance: 15 Minutes or Less Could Ruin Your Life

GEICO is the second-largest auto insurer in the United States—offering motorcycle insurance policies throughout the United States and right here in Northwest Arkansas.

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With routes like the Pig Trail and Highway 62 to Eureka Springs, coupled with events like Bikes, Blues & BBQ—Northwest Arkansas sees hundreds of thousands of miles ridden every year.

Because of NWA’s proud heritage of motorcycle riding, we felt it necessary to enlighten our fellow riders about the insurance practices of GEICO insurance, as they relate to motorcycle accidents.

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Geico Motorcycle Insurance Practices

Anyone who rides knows that having uninsured or underinsured insurance coverage is a necessity every time you hop on a bike.

Many motorcycle riders have years of experience, have taken every MSF course available, and know what to expect from their bike.

BUT—those same riders know that they have no control to help other vehicles travel on the road with the same amount of care.

Often times, motorcycle accidents are not caused by the rider, but by the other driver.

If the other driver has no insurance (or street legal insurance), riders need uninsured or underinsured insurance to protect them.

These types of insurance coverages will help pay for medical bills, personal injuries, lost wages, and permanent disability caused by the uninsured driver that caused the wreck.

Without uninsured or underinsured insurance, the rider could be left holding the bag for something that was not his or her fault.

In recent years, GEICO has made an aggressive TV and social media advertising campaign using the slogan: “If you ride, you get it.

” These commercials use cool, classic rock songs, and attempt to vibe with motorcycle riders—suggesting there is a community of motorcycle riders rolling with GEICO because they “get us.”

Unfortunately, GEICO is one of the worst motorcycle insurers in the country—aggressively pushing online applicants to REJECT underinsured, uninsured, and medical payments insurance.

As of the date of this article, if you apply for GEICO motorcycle insurance online, you will be notified: “Congratulations! You qualified for the minimum premium available in your state.”

Suggesting that street-legal coverage is some type of reward.

THEN, if you just happen to scroll down your screen—you will see that GEICO has pre-selected “I DECLINE” for uninsured, underinsured, and medical payments coverages.

The entire site is targeted towards tricking motorcycle riders in street-legal coverage.

Here’s a link to see (make sure to scroll down):

Tactics and Reviews

GEICO’s approach is the most aggressive tactic we have seen thus far, and its impact cannot be overlooked.

Currently, GEICO motorcycle insurance has a 2.9-star rating on, as well as a 3-star rating on

If you look to these resources, you will see story after story of a fellow rider who learns that he or she “only had liability insurance” when it was too late.

It is true that 15 minutes or less could save you a buck—but it just may ruin your life too.

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