Ford Motor Company Recalls Cars Because of Malfunctioning Steering Wheels

On March 14, Ford Motor Company issued a North American recall for almost 1.4 million Fusion and Lincoln MKZ model sedans after getting reports that loose bolts were causing problems with their steering wheels.

Ford said the problem is that a steering wheel could come loose, which could cause the steering wheel to potentially come off of its anchor.

Ford says it is aware of two accidents and one injury that may have resulted from the issue.

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While Ford states it was only aware of a few accidents, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) received complaints from owners alleging issues ranging from loose steering wheels—to complete separation from their anchors.

One owner noted her wheel fell right in her lap as she attempted to turn.

A second person claims his wheel came loose while traveling on a major highway.

These events are another example of the potential hazards we all face when are on the roadway.

Always remember to drive defensively and beware of other vehicles in your vicinity—that car next to you on Interstate 49 might not be as safe as you would think.

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