The Danger of 18-Wheeler Trucks Driving Through Work Zones in Arkansas

Tractors-trailers need to be extra cautious while driving through work zones in Arkansas.

Without any doubt, 18-wheeler trucks and other tractor-trailers are immensely important for the safe and timely transportation of goods all over the country.

These vehicles serve as the backbone for economic development.

Businesses and consumers benefit due to the safe delivery of products and goods.

However, tragic accidents can turn the situation upside-down within seconds.

driving through work zones in Arkansas

The possibility of accidents for large trucks is relatively higher.

Various reasons are involved in such accidents like over-speeding, excess load on the truck, driver fatigue, and balance problems among others.

The real challenge of 18-wheelers is driving through work zones.

When on a highway, work is in progress, mostly the number of lanes is reduced by the crew.

This causes a huge hindrance for trucks.

The most unfortunate accidents involve small cars in collision with 18-wheelers.

These are the deadliest accidents leading to severe injuries or even death, especially impacting the vehicle occupants in small cars.

Imagine if an 18-wheeler collides with a car.

It is going to be a devastating sight.

It can lead to multiple vehicles colliding and many people suffering from serious injuries.

Some might lose their lives too.

Incidents like fire erupting from collided vehicles can further escalate the loss.

The majority of people suffer from financial or physical losses in similar accidents.

18-wheelers can be a peril in work zones.

There are several reasons.

The most important reason for accidents is linked with the size of large vehicles.

Their enormous size makes driving a difficult task.

As a small car driver, you should know and understand the danger of driving close to large vehicles especially in work zones to protect yourself and your family.

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Difference Between Cars and Large Trucks While Driving Through Work Zones in Arkansas

While driving through work zones in Arkansas, understanding the difference between a car and large trucks is highly significant.

The first major difference is size.

Usually, the passenger vehicles are approximately 15 feet long.

Small size provides an advantage while taking turns or going around curves.

Similarly, passenger cars can easily maneuver requiring less time.

Whereas, large vehicles like 18-wheelers are huge with being approximately 70-80 feet long.

Thus, it becomes a challenge for large vehicles to drive in areas with obstacles including work zones.

Trucks have more ground clearance and high weight in comparison with passenger cars, this is why the cars underride trucks in a collision.

In 2019, approximately 4,119 people lost their lives in truck crashes, out of these 67% were occupants of passenger vehicles.

The average weight of a passenger vehicle is around 3,000 pounds whereas it is considerably higher in trucks.

The average weight of a truck ranges up to 80,000 pounds.

The weight difference increases the severity of injuries in a crash.

Head-on collisions and rear-end collisions are common in 18-wheelers, particularly in work zones.

Due to the massive size of a large truck, it requires more time and space to stop than a passenger vehicle.

If it fails to stop, rear-end or head-on collisions occur.

Preventing Tractor-Trailers Accidents in Work Zones

The majority of the crashes in work zones involve large tractor-trailers.

Over the past few years, the number of deaths in work zone accidents involving large trucks has increased.

Moreover, many of these accidents occur in daylight.

In an attempt to reduce the injuries and fatalities in 18-wheeler accidents while driving through work zones in Arkansas, several initiatives have been taken by government agencies.

The initiative of the National highway work zone plan assists in increasing the safety and efficiency of work zones for motorcyclists and pedestrians.

Policies have been implemented to reduce accidents in work zones.

Despite abiding by the traffic laws and emplacing the initiatives by the government, accidents still happen.

The work zones cannot be completely protected from 18-wheeler accidents.

The passengers in cars experience catastrophic injuries that may lead to life-long suffering.

The severe injuries could result in amputations, permanent disability, and even death.

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