Comparing Auto Insurance Companies—Do Your Research Before Buying

As a former insurance defense attorney (and now an attorney representing people with claims against insurance companies), people often ask me which auto insurance is the best.

The answer is usually quite simple—the better the commercials, the worse the insurance company.

When you are purchasing auto insurance, you are purchasing an intangible product.

The description of this intangible product is usually reduced to a few pieces of paper that you have never read or do not fully understand.

You may know your agent, you may have the same carrier your parents had, or you may have just shopped around online.

While these are common reasons people choose a particular insurance carrier, I am willing to bet that you have never been to that company’s home office, reviewed their books, or studied their claim-paying capabilities.

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Every insurance company is unique and has its own way of doing business.

You must ask yourself: Does this appear to be the type of carrier that is all about profits and growth? Or is it the type content with giving its clients are fair shake, potentially impacting that year-end bonus?

One good starting point is to look at the insurance carrier’s presence within your state.

When you meet with a potential agent, ask them about the claims handling process.

Do they have a claims adjuster within an hour of your house, or do they have a “claims team” based in a state you have never visited in your life?

Another great resource is friends and family.

Why listen to a commercial or a form letter in the mail, when you can make a post on social media requesting people’s experiences and opinions?

Lastly, if you are about to make a decision about an insurance carrier and happen to read this blog—CALL ME! Yes, call me any time, and I will give you an experienced opinion about the insurance carrier you are considering.

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