Car Accident: What to Do Right After

Here is a thought exercise:

Try to count the number of things you do while your hand is on the steering wheel.

For an average person, it ranges from two to three things while they drive.

With the music in your car, GPS instructions, making a phone call, gazing at that new poster on the street passing by, and all the thoughts crowding your head already, your attention is divided at every moment of the day.

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This lack of constant concentration plays a major role in escalating the number of car accidents.

Nonetheless, accidents can happen even when you are driving with full attention and following all the traffic rules.

Thus, it is extremely important to know all the practical ways to deal with an accident and be prepared if you find yourself in such a situation.

Here we take you through the steps that need to be taken if you find yourself in a car accident.

Of course, there would be the initial panic and shock, but most of it stems from not knowing what to do.

Learning about all your options today can also help with the panic levels later.

Hiring the best Rogers automobile accident attorney is recommended, but here are other steps you must focus on.

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Steps to Take After a Car Accident

Statistics show an increasing trend in accident rates each passing year, so it’s best to be prepared for an accident.

Stop Your Car

This is the first and foremost thing one should do.

The impact of a car accident varies according to the magnitude of the hit.

Whether it’s a low-impact fender-bender or a high-impact car wreck, you must stop your car.

It is recommended to pull over the car beside the main road, under a well-lit area where people surround you.

This will ensure awareness and overall safety for you and other incoming cars on the road.

Additionally, one must turn on the emergency lights/ flashers of their car to warn the oncoming cars of the situation so that they can avoid bumping into you.

Ensure That the Danger Is Over

Most of the time, it is the car that takes the hit for you.

The parts of the car are prone to damage and breakdown.

You must be aware of the extent of damage to your car.

If you feel that the engine or motors of your car may explode, it is best to leave your car immediately.

Check for Injuries

After recovering from the initial shock, you must check yourself for injuries.

You should check for cuts, bruises, or any active bleeding from your body.

It is also important to ensure that your vision and/or hearing are not compromised.

If you feel fine, you can move around and get out of your car for some fresh air.

If you have other co-passengers on board, especially the elderly, children, or pets, make sure they do not have injuries before asking them to move.

In the case of injuries, movement can make it worse, even if you don’t feel it right away.

Once you have checked everyone on board for injuries, you can turn off the car’s engine and seek some fresh air outside.

Call an Ambulance or 911

In an accident, there is not much that the affected driver can do.

It is best to seek immediate help. If you find active injuries while checking, you must call an ambulance such that you get emergency medical care.

If your car is wrecked in addition to severe injuries, calling 911 is a more feasible action, as it will ensure rapid action.

Bonus tip: it is extremely useful to have an emergency first aid kit in your car with band-aids, antiseptics, bandages, and inhalers.

Taking this measure will considerably lower the chances of quick deterioration of the injuries when the ambulance or the 911 finds you.

Find the Important Documents

Well, if you don’t already have the details of your vehicle insurance in your car, you must do it today.

To deal with an accident in the most amicable manner, the most important information is your vehicle registration and insurance. Once you have ensured your physical safety, you must proceed with reporting the case, to which the first step is finding all the essential documents.

Gather Evidence

You can help your situation and build up your case.

Rather than losing your temper and arguing with the other driver, it is best to gather evidence of the scenario.

Take pictures, note down the color, model, and vehicle number, or take a video of the entire scene.

Make sure you are aware of your location and the time of the day, especially if you’re in the middle of the highway.

Call the Police

Reporting to the police is an important step that ensures your subsequent insurance claim for the car.

Mention your location, the time of the day that the accident happened, and your current situation clearly.

If the police are unwilling to reach the scene immediately, you can walk up to the nearest police station and file your case within the next 72 hours.

Call Your Car Insurance Company

This is the ultimate step in dealing with such situations.

Usually, people steer off from calling their insurance companies, fearing a hike in their insurance premiums.

Alternatively, contacting your insurance company can be beneficial for you.

If you were not at fault for the situation and your car has been damaged, the insurance company is bound to pay for your damages.

Thus, make sure you have assessed the situation correctly and are not at fault for the car accident.

It is not recommended to go into any settlements with the other driver by yourself.

In case you do that, your insurance company can deny any responsibility.

Consult an Attorney

From the whole process of filing a report at the police station to a claim at your insurance company, having a Roger automobile accident attorney by your side can work in your interest, and you can make more informed decisions.

Visit a Doctor

Even if you feel physically fit after an accident, it is crucial to get a health checkup.

Sometimes internal injuries do not have pronounced symptoms and can become more complicated with time.

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Being in a car accident is not anyone’s ideal scenario, but in case you do, you now know how to deal with it for the best interest of you and your co-passengers.

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