Average Settlement for a Car Accident in Fayetteville

When recovering from a car accident, dealing with the legal part of getting compensation or settlement is the first thing on your mind but the last thing you wish to do.

The reason is that you are unaware of all the ways you can receive compensation.

You are not sure what settlement amount you will receive.

For that matter, you are not even sure if you are eligible to get compensation in Fayetteville or not.

accident settlement

If it is a hit-and-run case, the uncertainties are even bigger.

The only question on your mind is if going through the legal process is worth it for the average settlement you will receive.

It is true, you can’t pinpoint an average amount of settlement you may receive after a car accident in Fayetteville.

If you are a car accident victim, you need to talk to a Fayetteville auto accident attorney to determine the average settlement amount.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Is the Average Settlement Calculated for a Car Accident in Fayetteville?

    The average settlement amount varies depending on the severity of the car accident.

    Here are some factors that determine the average settlement in a car accident.

    However, remember it is not a certain passage and would not guarantee you the minimum settlement as mentioned.

    This is because each case is different and is dealt with differently.

    Damages to the Vehicle

    Is your vehicle severely damaged?

    Is the windshield shattered?

    Just the part of your car completely withered?

    The extent of damage to your car can be one of the indicators of who was more at fault in the accident.

    It also indicates the accident’s severity and helps the attorney build a strong case.

    The skid marks on the road and the final condition of your vehicle allow attorneys to estimate the damages.

    Injuries of the Victim

    The injuries suffered by the victim are another major consideration when estimating the settlement amount.

    Injuries like bone fracture, spinal cord injury, or any injury requiring immediate surgery cost more.

    You can expect greater compensation for such injuries.

    Whereas minor injuries that don’t require hospitalization, surgery, and just basic medication won’t garner much compensation amount.

    If your injury requires you to visit a physiotherapist, regular medical checks and medical tests must be compensated fairly, i.e., injuries that increase your medical bills.

    For instance, for a whiplash injury, you can expect anything from $3000 to $10,000, depending on the severity of the injury.

    The other factors will also impact the settlement amount, like the capability of the defendant to pay the compensation.

    Defendant Party

    The defendant party also is a major consideration in calculating the compensation.

    Does the defendant party have its vehicle insured?

    Parties with an insurance company are likely to fight for the settlement negotiation until the end.

    On the contrary, some defendant parties may not be so difficult to handle, and you can reach a negotiation rather easily.

    Thus, the job of the defendant party, their links, and the presence of the insurance company are important elements that allow average settlement to vary.

    Who Is the Victim?

    The average settlement can also vary depending on the victim’s jobs.

    Do they have a government job, a private job, or are they the family’s sole bread earner?

    Such details about the victim help a lot in seeking compensation.

    Due to the injuries, it may also depend on if the victim lost his job or just part of his wages.

    If the victim loses the job, the average settlement demanded would be more, whereas, for partial loss of wages, the calculation would differ and likely be less.

    Who Is the Jury?

    For each case, the jury is different.

    Each day and each case are different.

    It also depends on the willingness of the jury to award damages.

    The average settlement amount will be reduced if the jury sees the victim is also partially responsible for the accident.

    If it’s a straightforward case, you can expect to receive more.

    The jury’s personal liking and understanding also affect the average settlement amount.

    The jury’s perspective is highly influential in providing nonmonetary compensation like compensation for pain and suffering.

    It depends on what level of pain and suffering the jury regards as serious.

    The Evidence in the Case

    The amount of evidence regarding the case can also increase the chances of receiving higher compensation.

    The more the evidence, the easier it would be to build a stronger case.

    In such a case, if you have an accident attorney by your side, you’ll be able to fight for the settlement more convincingly.

    Therefore, the car accident victim must collect evidence on their own at the accident scene.

    This will involve taking pictures of the accident scene, collecting the name, addresses, and contact numbers of witnesses, and looking for CCTVs nearby and such minor details.

    This could elevate the average settlement amount.

    Does the Victim Have the Vehicle Insured?

    If the victim had their vehicle insured, it might impact the average settlement.

    The insurance company will cover all the vehicle damages depending on the type of coverage the victim opted for.

    It is also vital that the insurance company should be informed as soon as possible about the accident to get your rightful claim.

    These were some factors that determine the average settlement in a car accident.

    This varies from case to case and can only be estimated after talking to a car accident attorney.

    Once you fix a consultation with a car accident attorney in Fayetteville, you can explain your case and estimate the average settlement you are likely to receive, depending on the turn of the events.

  • Should You Take the First Settlement Amount Offered to You in Fayetteville?

    If the first settlement amount is offered by the insurance company of the defendant party, then no.

    They will try to rush things up and convince you to take up on their settlement offer such that you do not involve an attorney in the process.

    The first thing you should do is talk to an attorney or try to figure out the estimate of your damages.

    If your attorney says the case is much more capable than what the insurance company is offering, you should give it a call to let the attorney handle your case.

    You only have to pay some percentage of the compensation received to the attorney as the fee.

    There is no fixed fee.

    You should only settle if the Fayetteville injury attorney promises to recover more than the insurance company is offering in the first place.

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