A Parent’s Guide to Teen Drivers

Teen drivers under the age of 18 are restricted from all cell phone use except for emergency purposes.

Texting and driving is illegal for all drivers.

According to ARChildrens.Org, the risk of having a wreck is 4x higher when cell phones are in use.

Parents should constantly remind their children of this.

Parents need to understand that even if you don’t own the car or are not in the vehicle you are still responsible for the negligence of your teenage driver until they reach the age of 18.

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“To protect your teenage driver and yourself you must have the right insurance,” said attorney Sean Keith.

The minimum insurance an Arkansas driver must to protect against being sued is a minimum of $25,000.

Accidents occur due to human error which is called negligence in the law.

Insurance is there not only to protect your teen driver but also their parents.

People do not understand that if their policy is maxed out then their personal assets may be taken in order to pay for a verdict.

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