4 Facts for Motorcycle Accidents

1.  Not seeing you is NO excuse

Our firm has represented many clients who have been injured while riding their bikes because another driver said they  “didn’t see them.”

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Failing to look is a poor excuse for running over someone.

It wouldn’t work in a crosswalk, and it shouldn’t work on a motorcycle.

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2.  It's going to hurt.  A lot.

Part of the thrill of riding a motorcycle is the feel of being on the open road.

Unfortunately, in a crash with another vehicle your bike offers no protective barrier between you and the road or you and a car.

Additionally, your bike is going to be outweighed by at least 5 to 1.

What that means is this: If you get hit by another vehicle, your injuries are going to be more severe and your case will be more serious.

3.  Your insurance is going to be more important than ever

Because injuries sustained in motorcycle crashes are typically more serious it is even more important that every type of insurance (including your own) is used to ensure that your doctor’s bills are paid and your lost wages are covered.

You will need an attorney to ensure that you get a fair settlement or to possibly sue the other driver.

4.  Make No Apologies

Riders on motorcycles have the same right to be on the road as anyone else.

You don’t assume a risk that someone in a car or truck is going to be careless and not watch out for other people on the road.

Your case should be handled with no apologies for riding a motorcycle.

We have handled many wrecks involving motorcycles and you need a lawyer on your side to make sure an adjuster or a jury understands that your decision to ride a motorcyle is not reckless and that it is not an invitation for careless driving by other motorists.

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