18-Wheeler Accident Statistics

Did you know that some tractor-trailers weigh up to 16 times the average weight of a car? The fatigue or carelessness of a truck driver can lead to devastating consequences. In accidents involving 18-wheelers, the fatality rate is double that of accidents involving only cars. There are important, specific things that need to be done in a case involving an 18-wheeler.  It is critical that you contact an attorney as soon as possible to ensure that important pieces of evidence do not disappear. 

Semi & Commercial Truck Accident Statistics:

•    Of the 15.5 million trucks in the U.S., nearly 13 percent are semis, big rigs, 18 wheelers and tractor trailers

•    About 98 percent of all semi accidents result in at least one fatality

•    Fatal tractor trailer accidents cost Americans more than $20 billion each year, $13.1 billion of which is the cost associated with loss of quality of life

•    For every 100 million miles driven on U.S. road ways, there are 2.3 deaths and 60.5 injuries caused by big rigs.

•    Nearly 90 percent of commercial truck accidents are caused or worsened by some sort of human error—either on behalf of a truck driver, other drivers, other vehicle passengers, cyclists or pedestrians

•    Driver fatigue is responsible for roughly 30 percent of all commercial truck accidents


The U.S. Department of Transportation

The National Center for Statistics and Analysis

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration


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