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Why Should I Hire a Local Attorney?

It is impossible to watch television today without seeing commercials asking people who have been injured to call a lawyer in Little Rock, or even to call a 1-800 number to speak with a nameless,

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Parking Lot Accidents

Often persons who have never been in a car accident do not understand how severely a person can be injured in a car accident that occurs in a parking lot.  Recently, Anna Betts settled a

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Case Settled for $50,000

Sean Keith recently settled a case on behalf of a client for $50,000.00 after filing suit against the other driver.  This case involved a client who had injured his arm in the wreck and needed

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Do I need a lawyer?

Q: Do I really need a lawyer? A: Yes. It may seem self serving, but there’s a very good reason why you should have a lawyer for any accident. The insurance adjuster is better at this than

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