Motorcycle Accidents

From the Pig Trail to Bikes, Blues, and BBQ, Northwest Arkansas is a premier location for motorcycle enthusiasts. The natural beauty of the region makes for fun rides with beautiful scenery. Unfortunately, riders face many inherent risks—one of those risks being careless or negligent drivers. Whether it be looking at a cell phone, speeding, or just simply not paying attention, careless drivers have the potential to do serious harm to riders.

Our firm specializes in representing riders who were injured due to the recklessness, carelessness, and negligence of other drivers. We understand that any type of crash can cause serious injuries because riders lack the protection of a traditional vehicle. And most importantly, we have the knowledge and experience to guide riders through the tough trail that follows a motorcycle accident.

Being located in Rogers, our attorneys are deeply rooted in the Northwest Arkansas community, and we have a passion for helping our clients make the best out of difficult and trying circumstances. Please do not hesitate to give us a call at 479-335-1355, and see why we are different than the rest! Look twice, save a life!

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