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Beat the Heat: Summer Driving Precautions

Contributed by Seth A. White The summer months bring lots of fun activities and opportunities, but these opportunities can often create hazards on our roadways. Tourism and vacations bring an increased number of motorists to

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The Eating & Driving Epidemic

Fortunately, most people are aware of the dangers of distracted driving. This awareness is evidence by recent legislation which limits texting and driving. However, new research reveals that eating while driving may be almost as

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Injuries and Low Speed Impact Crashes

Injuries that result from low speed or “minor impact” car accidents are almost always discounted or disregarded by at-fault insurance companies. This is because, regardless of the facts or truth, the nature of the accident

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High Driving: Marijuana and Traffic Safety

Currently, nearly half of all states have legalized the use of marijuana for either medicinal or recreational purposes. This rapid trend toward the legalization of marijuana has raised concerns among many as to the potential

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