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Victimized by Road Rage

“Road rage” always seems to be boiling under the surface of some drivers who seem to feel that they have more entitlement to the road than you do.  With the heavy traffic in NW Arkansas,

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Can You Afford an Attorney?

If you have been in an accident, you may be wondering if you can afford an attorney. If you have injuries, you most likely already have medical bills with the likelihood of incurring even more

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Facebook Helps Attorneys Win a Case

It was the beginning of rush hour traffic on the very busy Highway 102 in Bentonville, Arkansas. Bobby*, who was 19 years old,  had been car shopping at a used car dealership.  He decided to

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What if I am Injured in a Single-Car Accident?

Many auto accidents are single-car accidents.  These types of accidents can occur in many different situations.  Some examples include:  hitting an animal, backing into an object, running off the road, or hitting a pedestrian.  Usually, if

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